Syrian Automobile Club announces 2021 Calendar

The Syrian Automobile Club has officially announced its calendar for the 2021 Motorsports Events, as plans are being put to expand on the categories, after the Club’s sporting activities were suspended in 2020 due to COVID19.

The start will be with a series of new challenges, such as the First Syrian Digital Motorsport Championship, as this racing category is increasing in popularity in recent times. 

The Syrian Automobile Club will also organise a series of Karting events, to discover new talents and develop the upcoming generation of racing drivers. 

As for the Championships, the 2021 season will witness the 15th Syrian Speed Test Championship, and the 5th Syrian Drift Championship, with three races for each Championship. 

The inaugural event will be on May 28th, with the first round of the Syrian Speed Test Championship, supported by the Go Speed Challenge for upcoming racing drivers. 

This will be followed by a series of races through summer, concluding on 26th of August, with the final round of the Syrian Drift Championship, alongside the Go Drift Challenge. 

2021 will also witness the return of the Shirobeem Hill Climb, as a part of a regional Championship, and will be held on the 24th of September. 

The Syrian Automobile Club will announce the regulations for all of these events in due course, through its official channels, although it should be noted that all of these events comply with the National Sporting Code, which was published earlier, and which can be downloaded . 

The Syrian Automobile Club also notifies that these dates are not final, and may change, with events being canceled or rescheduled according to the circumstances. 

As for the events being open to fans, this must comply with the Government’s policy on fighting COVID19, as well as the FIA protocols, and the Syrian Automobile Club will announce if fans are going to be admitted or not for each event separately. 

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